Pujas and Sevas

Pujas and Sevas offered at Sri Balaji Temple, Hamilton

All Donations are in New Zealand Dollars (NZD).

Daily (Nitya) Archana - $501.00 per annum or $45.00 a month automatic payment

Offered daily after the puja. Priest offers personal prayer to the Lord with devotees names, zodiac signs, star, gotram etc for general well being.

Archana - $5.00

Astothara Archana / Sankalpam / New Vehicle puja - $21.00

Puja and harathi by chanting 108 names of Swamy.

Special puja - $21.00

Special puja on special days such as birthdays, wedding days, includes archana and harathi.

Rudra Abhishekam - $51.00

Special puja to the Lord Shiva with 5 abhishekam items, including archana and harathi.

Sri Satyanarayana Puja / Vratham $ 91.00

Includes Ganesh homam, navagraha homam and Sri Vishnu puja

Ganapathy Homam - $75.00

Navagraha Homam - $75.00

Private prayer/prayer out of the temple - $51.00 or more

Tirukalyanam to Lord - $251.00

Wedding (within the temple) - $51.00

Home Puja - $51.00

Annadanam - $101.00

Sponsorship of Temple event - $51.00 and above

Temple development - as per your convenience

NB: Abhishekam for the main deity (Sri Balaji) will be on two days in a year - Kumbhabhishekam anniversary date (9th March every year) and on Vijaya Dasami Day – (Dasara). All life members of SBTT will be given opportunity for performing archana and haarathi on these days.