An Appeal to devotee - Donations for Namalu (Namam)

Post date: Dec 26, 2016 6:08:09 PM

Greetings for the season to all devotees

As you are aware, Sri Balaji Temple was established and is functioning since last year along with a community facility at 2 Kent Street, Frankton, Hamilton.

Sri Balaji Temple Trust (SBTT) humbly request you that please consider sponsoring any one of the following Namalu (Namam):

1. A donation of $2001 for each of the 24 Keshavas Namalu

2. A donation of $501 for each of the 108 Govinda Namalu

3. A donation of $101 for each of the 1008 Vishnu Sahasra Namalu

SBTT also wish to inform you that we are in the process of preparing the donors display board with names of devotees who have donated in excess of $2,000.If you are one of the devotee who have donated more than $2,000 for Temple development , Life Membership and Sponsoring of the above Namam (Namalu) your name/family will appear in the display board, unless you advice the Trust otherwise.

We are now appealing to the general public and more importantly to devotees to donate towards this humble cause so that we can continue have the functional Temple of the Lord in New Zealand.

All donations may be claimed for NZ tax purposes. Those who wish to donate any amount may do so by direct crediting or filling in an automatic payment form. Please see attachment for full details.

May the Blessings of Lord Balaji be with you and your family