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Appeal for Fund and Progress in Temple Development

posted Dec 8, 2013, 6:10 PM by Sri Balaji Temple Trust   [ updated Dec 29, 2017, 12:26 AM ]
Dear Devotees

Greetings to you all. Blessing of Sri Balaji will be always with you.

Sri Balaji Temple Gruha Pravesham and Sri Satyanarayana Swamy puja held on 25 January 2014 was a great success in every aspect. The Temple premises was filled with people from all over and the environment filled with the reverberating Vedic rhymes and holiness. Each and every one felt the presence of Sri Balaji and we are not far away from His darshan in this Temple.

Trustees wish to say “thank you” to all devotees, volunteers, donors, funders, lawyers, consultants, tradesmen, bankers, photographers, priests, and children who made contribution in small and big ways towards this great first event at the Sri Balaji Temple premises an enjoyable, spiritual  and a peaceful day.

Every one of you participated in this first event witnessed the progress so far made in the Temple development.

The following is a summary of current status and funding required for the Temple Development Project :

Temple Ceiling Completed with general donations                                           15,000

  Floor Tiles and Wall tiles supplied by Ravi & Usha Gaddam

        Family  of Cambridge – In progress                                                          80,000 (approximately)

Tiling- Sponsored by  Aravind Shetty Wellignton                $11,000                 15,000

Painting Interior – Sponsored by Sri Bhamidipati Seetha Ramarao                       6,500 

Insulating Walls                                                                                                  6,000 

Rebuilding Toilets                                                                                              15,000

Moorthies including freight and platforms (various donors)                                30,000 

New Electrical Cabling, Lighting etc                                                                     15,000

Sound System                                                                                                        5,000

Heat Pumps       (4)                                                                                              12,000

Parking development to HCC standard                                                                    5,000

Building Design layout, fire safety, water & Plumbing    

                For HCC approval                                                                                     6,000

Plumbing Work                                                                                                         6,000

Cupboards, Bench tops, Sink,  wash basin etc                                                      15,000

New Entrance Door for the Temple (Simha Dwaram)                                              5,000

                Sponsored by Bala Bhaskar Tikkisetty’s  family

New Fire Exit Door                                                                                                 5,000

New Windows                                                                                                        16,000    

One Metre Canopy (arch gola) along the driveway                                                    6,000

Development Contribution to HCC                                                                           6,500
Total estimated development costs                                                                  $ 265,000

Building of Gopuram and related work will be taken up at the next stage.

We are thankful and happy to say that good number of devotees are supporting the project. Sri Balaji Temple Trust  requests all devotees to contribute as much as you can to enable us to complete the above listed tasks, so that all of us can have darshan of  Sri Balaji and all other deities within few months.

Donation form is attached for your convenience.  SBTT West Bank A/c No is 03–1568–0478167–00.

Please visit SBTT’s website for some photos and video clippings from the Temple Gruha Pravesham Day.

With the blessing of Sri Balaji

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